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Case Studie Debbie – Administration

Debbie – Administration

Debbie is a student at a school. One of the rules of the school is that students must wear a uniform. Girls must wear a skirt. Debbie has severe asthma that is made worse when she is cold. She is warmer when she is wearing long pants that cover her legs. This means her asthma is better too. When Debbie brings this up with the school, they refuse to change their policy so she can wear pants in the winter to keep warmer. Debbie makes a complaint to AHRC because her talks with the school have not fixed the situation.

Case Studies David – Teaching

David – Teaching

David is a university student. He has a vision impairment. David needs his course materials printed in large print. On several occasions one of his teachers forgets to provide David with large print material. He also refuses to read the material out in class for David because he says it would take too much time. David complains to the head of the university. David, the teacher and the head of the university meet. The teacher agrees that he will do his best to ensure all material will be in large print for David before each class in the future. If this is not possible, David and the teacher agree to meet after those classes to make sure that David is clear on what material has been covered. The teacher also agrees to make the material available in large print as soon as possible after those classes.

Case Studies Joe – Teaching

Joe – Teaching

Joe is a primary school student with Autism. He has sensory issues where too much noise or visual stimulation cause him distress. His school decide to permanently open up the dividing wall between his class and another class as an ‘open learning’ trial. Joe finds each day that he cannot cope with the noise and distraction and becomes angry and distressed and finally yells at his teacher and runs out of the room. He is suspended in response. Joe’s mother and his paediatrician have a meeting with school staff and explain that his behaviours are caused by their change to the environment. The teachers stop the ‘open learning’ trial and shut the dividing wall so Joe’s class is quieter and less distracting.

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