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Case Study Terri – Ways to protect public health without discriminating

Terri – Ways to protect public health without discriminating

Terri is studying to be a doctor’s assistant. She has Hepatitis C and tells her teacher this when the students are asked to draw blood from each other. The teacher talks to the education provider about this. The education provider informs Terri that she can no longer participate in the course, and that the discrimination is necessary to protect the health and safety of teachers and students.

Terri makes a discrimination complaint to AHRC. She points out that the course assessment only requires student to demonstrate if they can safely extract blood samples from another and she can do this because the samples can be drawn from the other students. Hence there is no need for anyone to draw blood from her. At the conciliation meeting, after a long discussion, the education provider agrees to allow Terri back to the course, as she had suggested. The education provider also agrees to update training for staff and students on safely minimising the risk of the transfer of blood borne diseases.

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