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Inclusive Technologies

Inclusive Technologies allow people to engage with a wide range of adaptive and mainstream technologies to help support all learners regardless of their barriers.

A student’s transition into post-secondary education is often a steep learning curve. Adult learning is mostly self-directed. Students engage with large quantities of written and audio-visual materials, navigating databases, operating software packages and listening to teachers and other students. It is essential to introduce students with disability to user-friendly, reliable technology that meets the demands of a complex learning environment.

Definition of assistive technologies
Computer access devices allow users who have problems using a conventional keyboard or mouse to access the computer. Use of computers and ICT (Information Communications Technology) is now a fundamental part of day- to-day life and accessing the computer can be a significant factor in users’ quality of life.

Listed below are the categories which can be accessed predominately on MS Windows operating systems. Other software and utilities exist for MAC OS and Linux operating

As technology constantly changes and adapts to society’s needs, more resources will be available. Definitions of category:

Software with unlimited use and can be freely installed, copied and distributed

Open Source
Software with unlimited use, can be freely copied and re-engineered and distributed

Development or Beta
Software or devices that are still in the engineering phase and are yet to be classified as finished, fully working or tested products

Trial software that can be used for a limited time period or number of sessions before purchase

Demonstration CD, DVD
Trial software that functions partially or fully for a set time period (e.g. 30 days) or for a pre-determined number of sessions. Users evaluate before commitment and purchase

Commercial Products
Software or devices that are purchased with legal limitations as per use on one or more computers/devices. Software licensing must be adhered to and complied with

Web Flash Movie
Software demonstrations that can be viewed for training or learning purposes