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TAFE and University Support

Going to TAFE or University?

You may need to meet the Disability Liaison Officer

 What is a Disability Liaison Officer?

There may be occasions where students need to negotiate reasonable adjustment due to disability with academic and general staff of the TAFE or University.  The Disability Liaison Officer can assist with these negotiations.

 The Disability Liaison Officer is available to discuss with you the range of strategies or services that are available for students with disability. The Disability Liaison Officer will also work with your teachers/lecturers to support them to implement ‘reasonable adjustments’ that are designed to facilitate your active participation in the course of your choice. The DLO can provide teaching staff with advice on:

 * How disability affects study*Alternate formats for reference and study material* Adapting assessments to accommodate students’ specific abilities* Alternate / inclusive teaching strategies* Resources and technologies that are available to assist the teaching and learning process

What are reasonable adjustments?

Reasonable adjustment is the action taken to assist a student with a disability to participate in education and training on the same basis as other students. The DDA through the Disability Standards for Education requires education providers to take reasonable steps to enable the student with a disability to participate in education on the same basis as a student without a disability. Reasonable adjustments vary depending on the students individual needs, some examples of reasonable adjustment include; modifications to the physical environment eg ergonomic chairs, ramps changes to course design Eg modifying assessment tasks, changes in lecture schedules and arrangements, relocating classes to an accessible venue, modifications to computer equipment eg text to speech or screen reading software, provision of information or course materials in accessible formats, extensions on exams or assessment due dates

Contacting the DLO

Every TAFE and University has a Disability Liaison Officer (DLO) usually located in student support services. It is important that you contact the DLO early if you believe you will require reasonable adjustments while you study. If you contact the DLO well before the course starts they will have time to implement the adjustments you require in time for you starting the course. What you share with the Disability Liaison Officer is confidential unless you give permission for the information to be shared with teachers / lecturers.

Preparing for TAFE

A guide for Students with a Disability in Victoria

Preparing for TAFE Word Version

 Preparing for TAFE PDF version

Prepare for University

A guide for students with a disability at University in Victoria

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