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Who is protected under the Disability Standards for Education?

The Education Standards protect any person with disability who is enrolled in a pre-school, school, college, university, TAFE, Registered Training Organisation or any other organisation that educates or trains people.

The Education Standards also protect any person with disability who is not yet enrolled, but who has approached an education provider about enrolling. They can also be used by a person with disability against an education provider even if that person has already left the school or been expelled by the school.
The Education Standards are focussed on protecting the rights of people with disability, including associates of people with disability. Associat es include family members, housemates and carers. Associates are also protected from harassment and victimisation. These protections are talked about in more detail later in the section called Obligation to prevent harassment and victimisation‘. It’s important to remember that if an associate of a person with disability is discriminated against they can make a complaint under the Disability Discrimination Act.
If you are an Associate and feel that you have been discriminated against because of your relationship with a person with disability you should contact a lawyer or community legal centre. Click on this link for organisations that might be able to help you with this.
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